• About MPA

Movie Poster Authenticating is a movie poster authentication site dedicated to documenting modern and vintage movie posters that have been reproduced,  reprinted or otherwise “bootlegged”. Buying a bootleg, counterfeit, or reprinted movie poster, when you are expecting the real theater used item, is what we are here to help you avoid.

This project has come about because of the many people who love original modern and vintage movie posters. Without a doubt, the presence of fake movie posters in the marketplace has made collecting original ones a little more difficult. Our passion for posters led us to develop a site where collectors can have a central repository of information, so that obtaining an original poster – sometimes buried deeply among reprints and bootlegs – may be a little easier.

The pieces of information contained herein have been culled, discovered, unearthed, investigated and tracked down and then the results dissected, appraised, compared and/or discussed among groups of collectors or individuals with particular expertise in their field pertaining to the posters in question.  Each poster is its own category of information on this site.  While it may appear that only one person has provided the information for a particular poster, there may have been several people behind that author who contributed what they know.  The task of bringing this project to light was simply too big for one person to do, and so there will be many authors and contributors posting information on various movie posters.  The photos, however, come directly from the person posting.

Please use the information that we have provided for the best possible purpose, but please recognize that we are limited by the nature of this hobby.  There are no hardcore facts ascertained through experimentation as can be found in science.  There is no Federal Poster Institute or Royal Academy of Movie Posters that can confirm or deny what we have judged to be the case regarding a reproduced poster.  A poster in question is determined to be either original or reproduced based upon the information shared between collectors and dealers who may know a particular fact but not another, and so we discuss and compare and provide evidence as best we can.  There are no guarantees.  And no Certificates of Authenticity or Certificates of Fakeness.  We hope, however, that Movie Poster Authenticating is a valuable and meaningful resource for your original movie poster collecting passion.