• Contributing to MPA

An authentication of a movie poster is published on Movie Poster Authenticating based upon the experience or knowledge of the contributing authors on a particular poster, whether it be as a collector or as a dealer, or based upon community discussions and the preponderant opinions with the weight of evidence.  This is a fluid process and there exists no formula to go by.

The list of authenticated posters currently on MPA is far from complete.  There are hundreds of movie posters that we are aware of that have been reproduced.  It will take time to get to them all, but we add an authentication to MPA one poster at a time. The authors contribute their efforts by taking time out of their personal lives and at their own expense, without any expectation of compensation, reward or recognition.   They do this because they care about the hobby and about their fellow collectors.

If you would like to contribute new information about a poster, contact the Administrator with what you know, briefly explain why you think the poster in question is a fake and how/where it was discussed by other collectors and dealers.  Once registered, you will be given further details on how to post your own authentication. Thanks for wanting to contribute to Movie Poster Authenticating.

Questions and information can be sent to admin@movieposterauthenticating.com.