Empire Strikes Back Style B insert



There are inserts (14″x36″) from a number of films first released in the 70’s and early 80’s that are available from a small number of sellers on eBay in rolled near mint condition and in seemingly endless supply. They are probably the most controversial posters in the hobby and opinion is divided on them:  those who sell them say they are genuine NSS printed inserts, everybody else in the hobby thinks they are bootlegs. They are the infamous “minty white” inserts, so called because of the bright, glossy and white cardstock they are printed on, so bright, glossy and white in fact that they could have been printed yesterday! (If, in fact, the general consensus is that they have been around since at least the mid-90’s.)

Fortunately, they are relatively easy to identify and you don’t have to put them side-by-side with originals to spot them. In most cases, either the art was cropped in reproduction and/or there were small printing defects which would allow you to identify the bootlegs.

The Empire Strikes Back Style B insert features artwork attributed to Tom Jung.

I don’t know whether the bootleggers got better at making copies as they rolled different titles off the presses, but this insert is incredibly difficult to tell from a real one without reference to a side-by-side comparison.

(click on thumbnails for full-sized photos and again to zoom in)


1.  Art crop.

Unlike the Star Wars insert bootleg, there is only a minimal art crop on both sides. It’s most obvious in two places (all photos with bootleg on top):

On the left side, the mountain range of the ice planet Hoth starts sloping up in the genuine version and sloping downwards in the bootleg:


On the right side, Darth Vader’s cape touches the border in the bootleg, but there is a definite gap in the original: