Return of the Jedi 8×10 Lobby Cards


There are many people selling bootleg Return of the Jedi 8×10 lobby cards as real. Most of the sellers list them for $19.99 and show crappy pictures to make it difficult to determine if they are real. I don’t know if these are the only bootlegs for these lobby cards, but they are the only ones I was willing to buy to see what they were like. First, the easiest way to determine if your cards is fake is to check for a number at the bottom left corner of the cards. For some reason, the person who scanned in the cards cropped out the order number of the card. Take a look at the picture. The bootleg is on top. Notice the missing number

.missingnumber.jpg            (click on thumbnails for full-sized photos) 


Another way to determine the bootleg is to check for printing errors. I don’t know if this was only done on my copy, but there is a noticible streak on the upper left corner of this card.



The bootlegs are also a bit smaller and the card stock is noticibly whiter than the original. An original card should have a slight yellowish or cream tint.



Finally, if you shine a flashlight on the bootleg cards, the ink on the cards produces a photo-negative effect. The original cards do not have this problem.



eBay scammers will try to take poor photographs to pass these off as originals. I recommend that you ask for better pictures or skip the auction.