Star Wars – Style D


Technically there are no bootlegs of this poster, but there are three slightly different legitimate reprints that are being passed off as originals. I even saw a reprint listed in an auction at Cinevent, one of the largest movie poster memorabila shows in the country. It is not too difficult to spot the reprint. Two reprints were done for the 15th anniversary of Star Wars. The third was just printed at the end of 2007 as a commercial print for

There are two original printings of the Star Wars – Style D poster. The most common original printing is from the NSS, national screen service. The NSS version is typically found folded, but there are some rolled posters out there. On the NSS poster, the bottom right corner just says Star Wars with the NSS number, 770021, written above. The Style D wording is found slightly to the right of the middle bottom of the poster. The middle has the NSS usage information along with the GAU, graphic arts union, tag. Here are some pictures.

Here’s a picture of the entire poster.

sw-usstyled.jpg (click on thumbnails for full-sized photos)


Here’s a close up of the bottom.



Here’s more pictures of the bottom of the poster.

nss-rc.jpg nss-styled.jpg nss-gau.jpg nss-lc.jpg


The second original printing of the Style D is the studio release. This poster was not released by the NSS and does not have the NSS information at the bottom or the ‘Star Wars’ tag in the corner. The bottom right corner of the studio release says: One-Sheet Style “D” . Notice the quotation marks. This is the only difference between the studio release and reprints. The bottom left corner says Printed in U.S.A.

The most common reprint of the two reprints from the 15th Anniversary poster is the easiest to differentiate from the original studio scale. The poster is found rolled. On the bottom right corner of the 15th Anniversary poster as: One-Sheet Style D , without the quotation marks. Right above the tagline has a limited edition number printed on it. The number is printed with a type writer font and does not look anything like the NSS number found on the original NSS release poster. Here are some pictures.



Here’s a close up of the bottom corners. Notice there are no quotation marks and there is a limited edition number above.

15ann-lc.jpg 15ann-rc.jpg


The second reprint was also done for the 15th anniversary. This is identical to the first poster, except that it is missing the limited edition numbers. This poster is often listed as an original studio release. It is not. Make sure you look for the quotation marks around “D”. If they are not there, it is a reprint.

The last reprint was just done in 2007. To make things slightly difficult, this poster was copied from an original studio release poster. On the bottom right corner you’ll see the tag One-Sheet Style “D” with the quotation marks, which is the exact same tag as the original studio release. However, to differentiate between the original and the new reprint, a second copywrite tag is printed underneath the Fox logo. On the original, it would just say copywrite 1978. On the new reprint, under the 1978 copywrite is a 2007 copywrite. Also, an original poster is 27×41. The new reprint is slightly smaller at roughly 27×39.5.

Here are pictures of the bottom right and left corners. Notice that there is an additional copywrite information. The quotes around the “D” are the same as the studio release.

2007-lc.jpg 2007-rc.jpg